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Keith Warren with the High Road Group just finished filming and aired on the Pursuit Channel.  Keith highlighted our ranch as the first ever Exotic Game Ranch to show just how dedicated we are to the welfare of our animals and how important they are to what we believe in.  Eight Point Ranch can offer quality deer to ranches all over Texas.  Keith and his crew found out that we really are a "One Stop Shop". 

Do you need animals to stock your ranch in Texas?  Do you need help with trouble deer on your ranch that you need removed?  Are you looking for a high class hunting facility to take your clients and/or family and friends?

EIGHT POINT RANCH is here for you today.

Eight Point Ranch

Nestled in the rolling hills of Elgin Texas, 45 minutes east of Austin Texas, Eight Point Ranch is close enough for convenience but far enough for the peace and quiet. Eight Point Ranch offers some of the finest animals and genetics available for stocking and hunting alike.  The species that are available year round include, but are not limited to:

Aoudad hunts

Axis hunts

Blackbuck hunts

Dybowski Sika hunts

Eland hunts

Fallow hunts

Gemsbok hunts

Grant Gazelle hunts

Ibex hunts

Ibex cross hunts

Nilgai hunts

Mouflon hunts

Red Stag hunts

Watusi hunts

Zebra hunts

Please see our "Hunting Price List" page for pricing.

Eight Point Ranch has some of the finest lodging available for hunters and photo enthusiasts alike.  We offer 3 meals a day for our guest --- no one ever leaves hungry.  Check out the photos and pricing on our "Accommodation" page.

Eight Point Ranch has added on to our lodging.  We now have 6 more rooms with an additional 11 beds.  EPR now has amenities to handle all your Corporate Group hunting retreats, with a total of 16 beds.  Our game room area has a new pool table, shuffle board, card table and cable TV and a wet bar...

From April until October Eight Point Ranch has some of the best fishing "I mean catching" in Elgin Texas. Fish varieties include bass, catfish (up to 20 lbs on one lake and 40 lbs on another), and perch. 

Eight Point Ranch will have an on-site taxidermist available to take care of your needs and can ship them to you if needed. 

Eight Point Ranch can also accommodate bow hunters.

Eight Point Ranch caters to corporate groups (located approximately 45 minutes from the Austin Airport) and individuals alike.  At Eight Point Ranch, our goal is to make your visit memorable and if we do not have a particular animal we will work to meet your "wish list".


We now have EPR items for sale


Eight Point Ranch also has many fine animals for sale to stock your ranch IN TEXAS, they include but are not limited to: 




Aoudad for sale in Texas

Axis for sale in Texas

Blackbuck for sale in Texas

Blesbok for sale in Texas

Dybowski Sika for sale in Texas

Eland for sale in Texas

Fallow for sale in Texas

Gemsbok for sale in Texas

Grant Gazelle for sale in Texas

Ibex for sale in Texas

Ibex cross for sale in Texas

Impala for sale in Texas

Nilgai for sale in Texas

Mouflon for sale in Texas

Red Stag for sale in Texas

Zebra for sale in Texas



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