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Tips for Getting Prepared for your First Texas Whitetail Hunt

In the past few years, a record number of hunting enthusiasts have become interested in Texas whitetail deer hunting. Although opening day for deer season is not until the fall, preparing for your first Texas whitetail deer hunt takes months of advanced preparation.

While there are many steps to take in preparation for hunting season, your first deer hunt requires extra time and attention. These basic tips will help you prepare for opening day of deer hunting season.

One of the first things a hunter must do during the preseason is practice shooting. Even if you are a highly skilled shooter you must be familiar with your weapon and know how to get the best results with a shot. In addition to becoming familiar with your weapon test your ability to judge distances in a field. This will ultimately help you when you see that Texas trophy whitetail run across the field.

In addition to practice, avid and amateur hunters must do research. When preparing for a hunt it is important to secure a property to hunt on. Whether you plan to hunt on your own land or are hunting on private property it is advised that you visit different fields and ranches. Spending time in the field is beneficial for all hunters. By spending as much time as possible you are able to learn the lay of the land while also growing accustom to the movements of whitetail deer and the peak hours for when they are most active.

Once you have decided on a Texas ranch to hunt you will need to consider what placement and position you would like. It is important for you to know the direction the deer travel so that your deer blind, or stand, is properly positioned giving you the best chance to shoot a trophy Whitetail.  When choosing your position it is also wise to take into account prevailing winds. Strong gusts of wind will carry your scent to the deer, warning them in advance that predators are nearby.

Lastly, take into account what all you will need when opening day of deer season comes. When hunting it is important to wear layers, even in Texas. Wearing layers is beneficial to the hunter because they are prepared for any and all weather conditions. If it is cold you will be bundled up, however if the sun begins to shine you are able to shed some of your layers.

New hunters need to know that hunting is often a waiting game. In some instances hunters are just sitting in the blinds waiting for the perfect trophy whitetail deer to pass by. Bring a sufficient amount of food and water to keep your energy sustained for a day-long hunt.

Deer hunting is one of the most anticipated fall events. Whether you are an experienced or new hunter choose Eight Point Ranch for all of your whitetail hunting needs. In addition to trophy whitetail we offer record-book exotics. For more information visit!



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