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Tips For A Great Axis Doe Hunt

For hunting enthusiasts and beginner hunters there is nothing better than hunting for exotics. Exotic hunting is a year-round sport that allows hunters to track and shoot some of the most rare and coveted animals in the world. In addition to wild animals, hunters can look forward to hunting exotic deer species.  While there are a variety of hunting tips designated for each type of deer that you hunt, these following tips will help you have the best Axis doe hunt in Texas.

Axis deer are very graceful creatures. Although they can run at a quick pace, they are still very difficult to catch with a good shot. As a hunter it is important to take advantage of the deer’s curiosity. If you notice that your trophy Axis buck is drawing closer to your group of hunters, take advantage of the position and shot that you are being given.

Axis deer tend to stick in herds which can make it a challenge to get the perfect shot. By roaming in larger groups Axis deer have more eyes to watch for protection and a system to notify each other when danger is sensed. If you scare an Axis deer off the chance that they will return to the same feed spot is highly unlikely. If you are given the chance to shoot an Axis that is wandering alone, take it.

Because Axis deer move so quickly, it is important that you do as well. However, you must be cautious when moving around the field. Deer are very knowledgeable animals who can detect smell and sense when danger is present. Loud movement can ruin your chances of shooting a trophy Axis is you are not careful. Instinctually, at the first detection of danger Axis deer will run away quickly which means that hunters need to be quick on their feet.

Another factor to reduce your chance of detection is eliminating as much human scent as possible. Even if you find yourself on ranch assuming that deer are used to human smells you need to think again. Reducing human odor by washing clothes with scent-free laundry detergent and using deer scents are a great way to limit the likelihood of being noticed.

Lastly it is important to establish a good position for you to wait and watch for your trophy Axis buck. Axis deer are known to blend in with their surroundings, therefore it is very important for a hunter to utilize a sturdy hunting stand or blind that does not make sound. This provides hunters with more stability and a chance to get a better shot on their Axis deer. Additionally when choosing the proper stand make sure that you can see all around, as far as your eyes can. The more area that you can view the more likely you are to find the game you are looking for.

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