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Summer Preparation for Whitetail Season

Although the warm summer temperatures are just now starting to roll in to the Texas, plenty of whitetail deer hunters are already planning out their moves for Texas deer hunting season. Regardless that opening day is months away there are many things that hunting enthusiasts can do to prepare for their first trophy whitetail deer hunt of 2015.

Before getting into the deer stand it is important to visit the shooting range. For hunters you can never practice shooting enough. The summer months are a perfect time to reorient yourself with your gun to make sure that you have a firm grasp on how to properly operate it.  If you recently bought a new gun or scope it is even more imperative that you spend some time at the range. One of the most important factors to test out is to check your ability at shooting from a large distance. In addition to sharpening your shooting skills you will be able to meet and exchange tips with fellow hunters who are also looking to shape-up their shooting skills. Swapping hunting success stories is always a plus!

The summer months are a great time to ensure that your hunting equipment and hunting clothes are in a good order. If you notice that some of your shooting equipment is broken or under quality it may be advantageous to buy new equipment. Similarly with clothes, if you notice holes in your clothing it may be time to upgrade to a new hunting outfit. Remember if you are planning to hunt a trophy whitetail deer that it is imperative that you utilize the best in scents and wash your clothes in fragrance free detergent. If you typically wash your clothes with scented detergent in your washer, it would benefit you to hand wash your clothes in a bucket of water with ½ a cup of vinegar added. To dry simple hanging the clothes inside or outside until no longer wet.

Once you have practiced shooting and have checked your hunting equipment it is time to line-up a ranch for your trophy deer hunt. In addition to private ranches you can search for public land that has been made readily available for hunting. With several different ranches spread out over Texas it is important to set up a hunt with a trusted ranch that offers the best in genetics. Located in Elgin, Texas – Eight Point Ranch offers just that! If you are looking for a trophy whitetail hunt or an exotic hunt Eight Point Ranch is ready for you to visit. In addition to beautiful animals on the land, Eight Point offers great lodging accommodations for all of their guests.

In addition to a hunt, guests will receive breakfast, lunch and dinner for the duration of their stay as well as amenities such as a pool table, rustic lodging and huge living area for relaxing at night.

If you are looking to book a trophy whitetail hunt for 2015 visit


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