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For hunting enthusiasts and beginner hunters there is nothing better than hunting for exotics. Exotic hunting is a year-round sport that allows hunters to track and shoot some of the most rare and coveted animals in the world. In addition to wild animals, hunters can look forward to hunting exotic deer species.  While there are […]

Although the warm summer temperatures are just now starting to roll in to the Texas, plenty of whitetail deer hunters are already planning out their moves for Texas deer hunting season. Regardless that opening day is months away there are many things that hunting enthusiasts can do to prepare for their first trophy whitetail deer […]

In the past few years, a record number of hunting enthusiasts have become interested in Texas whitetail deer hunting. Although opening day for deer season is not until the fall, preparing for your first Texas whitetail deer hunt takes months of advanced preparation. While there are many steps to take in preparation for hunting season, […]

The majestical elk is one of the largest species in the deer family said to be a subspecies of the European red deer. While once endangered, across North America, conservationists have been able to protect the elk and its habitat restoring the population to over one million. Large in size and beautiful to the eye, […]

February is a great time of year for ranch owners to think about how they can improve the health of their deer and the habitat in which they live. During the cold winter months it is important to protect and care for you herd. There are many practices which have a direct impact on deer […]

The hills may be blooming with spring flowers, but it is certainly not too early to begin thinking about opening day and what you can to do increase your chances of grabbing a trophy whitetail deer. Whether you choose to hunt from a deer stand or from the ground, it is important to make sure […]

While many hunters have seemingly endless amounts of patience while they are out on a trophy whitetail deer hunt, that is not the case with everyone. Let’s face it; hunting often involves a lot of waiting around without a lot of action taking place. Sure, it’s exciting when you finally see that trophy deer move […]

Known as the chital in their native country of India, the Axis deer has found a warm welcome in Texas, where their population is continuing to increase. Although this exotic species is somewhat smaller than the native whitetail deer, they do offer a number of benefits to native species, which is why they are becoming […]

While you will probably carry the memories of a prized whitetail hunt with you for the rest of your life, a mounted trophy can provide a tangible reminder of a wonderful hunt. An experienced taxidermist can work wonders with an animal to produce a stellar trophy, but to ensure the highest quality trophy, you must […]

Summer is beginning to draw to a close and many hunters are already beginning to prepare for the upcoming hunting season. If you have a big trophy whitetail deer in your sights for this season, it can certainly pay off to spend some time preparing now. Many hunters spend a tremendous amount of time preparing […]