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Eight Point Ranch
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Elgin, TX 78621

Bobby Girling
Stocking And Hunting
Phone: (512) 423-0362

Renee Girling
Events and Accomodations
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Whitetail Stockers Price List


With the overwhelming demand for Premium Exotics, Eight Point Ranch is now giving 100% focus to their exotic operation and are no longer offering stocker whitetail.

However, if you are looking for Trophy Whitetail, please contact:

BuckTrader (Jeremy Taylor)  



Outside of  breeding deer to produce some of the highest quality genetics available, Jeremy also works with over 300 whitetail breeders in Texas allowing him to get his customers the perfect whitetails for their pen or pasture.

If you want to own some the best Whitetail Deer for Sale in Texas, then give BuckTrader a call.