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Eight Point Ranch
650 CR 468
Elgin, TX 78621

Bobby Girling
Stocking And Hunting
Phone: (512) 423-0362

Renee Girling
Events and Accomodations
Phone: (512) 415-5218
Email: renee@eightpointranch.com

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Eight Point Ranch has been breeding deer to produce some of the highest quality genetics available. 8 Point Ranch is located in central Texas, 45 minutes east of Austin. Our genetics are very competitive and we strive to breed deer that will survive in Texas when pasture released on your ranch.

Our breeder bucks are located in the pens, breeding does, with the antlers intact so that customers can see exactly what they are getting. These bred does will be delivered to your ranch around late February to March 31st. AI’d does are available for sale as well.

Our whitetail bucks bloodlines are from well known deer such as; Highroller, Eclipse, Barry Bonds, Blazer, Maxbo, Highway 10, 44 Mag, Titan, Shorty, Soaring Eagle, Secret Weapon, Diablo, and the list goes on.

Our ranch is nestled in the rolling hills of Elgin, Texas. Close enough to most anything for convenience but far enough for the peace and quiet. The ranch layout is such that our deer are only seen if we want them to be.

If you want to own the best Whitetail Deer for Sale in Texas then our Texas Trophy Whitetail is what you are looking for.