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Eight Point Ranch
650 CR 468
Elgin, TX 78621

Bobby Girling
Stocking And Hunting
Phone: (512) 423-0362

Renee Girling
Events and Accomodations
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Eight Point Ranch

Eight Point Ranch


Located in Elgin Texas, 45 Minutes East Of Austin. Eight Point Ranch was founded on the principle of quality breeding of exotics and whitetails. Eight Point Ranch has located what we believe to be some of the highest quality genetics in the interest of producing maximum antler production.Eight Point Ranch offers some of the finest hunting in central Texas. Such hunts include whitetail, axis, black buck, fallow, red stag, elk, scimitar horned oryx, addax, gemsbok, wildebeest, grant gazelle, dama gazelle, blesbok, pierre david, buffalo, waterbuck, nilgai, eland and zebra.

Many of our trophy hunts are record book animals and can be viewed on our “Ranch Gallery” page.

We are unlike most central texas hunting and breeding ranches in that we have over 2500 animals available at any point in time making it easy to meet your hunt and ranch stocking needs. We can transport animals all over Texas with a simple phone call, tell us what your needs and we will work with you to fill your order.

We have some of the finest lodging available for hunters and photo enthusiasts alike. We offer 3 meals a day for our guest — no one ever leaves hungry. Check out the photos on our “Lodge” page.

From April until October we have some of the best fishing “I mean catching” in Elgin Texas.
Fish varieties include bass, catfish (up to 20 lbs on one lake and 40 lbs on another), and perch.

We will have an on-site taxidermist available to take care of your needs and can ship them to you if needed.

We cater to corporate groups and individuals alike. At Eight Point Ranch, our goal is to make your visit memorable and if we do not have a particular animal we will work to meet your “wish list”.