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What You Need to Know on Opening Day

The hills may be blooming with spring flowers, but it is certainly not too early to begin thinking about opening day and what you can to do increase your chances of grabbing a trophy whitetail deer.

Whether you choose to hunt from a deer stand or from the ground, it is important to make sure you understand the direction of the wind and ensure that the wind is to your face. It’s little secret that scent control is imperative when you are in the field. Sitting with the wind to your face will help to direct your scent away. After you have a good position, it is time to settle in for your first opportunity. How long that takes may vary depending on a variety of factors, so be prepared to wait.

Of course, we all dream about tagging a trophy buck, but if you are new to hunting or you are out of experience, it is important to focus on simply filling your tag. As long as the deer is legal, it provides an excellent opportunity for you to gain experience. With that said, you need to evaluate whether an approaching deer is legal before you fire a shot. Make sure you are familiar with the relevant regulations, antler restrictions, etc.

If you determine that the deer is legal and you have decided to take a shot, it is important to ensure that you focus your aim on the deer’s vitals. The area located just behind and over the front shoulder is a good place to focus your aim.

One of the most common mistakes that many new or inexperienced hunters make is failing to wait for a period of time if the deer does not immediately fall after the shot is fired. Not all deer will fall right away. Some will run for several yards, sometimes up to 150 yards before lying down. When this is the case, you need to allow the deer an hour or so before you attempt to track it, provided that you are confident in your shot.

What do you do if you hit the deer, but it was in a non-lethal area? Certainly, you should try another shot, but if you miss that one as well, it is better to let it go and wait for your next opportunity. In all honesty, if you missed it while the deer was standing still, there is not much chance that you will hit it at a run. Instead of chasing after it, settle down and wait for your next opportunity for whitetail hunting.

This is precisely where making sure that you are prepared in advance can come in handy. If you have properly scouted the area where you are hunting, you will probably have ample opportunities for another shot. Signing up for a Texas exotic hunt with a group of family or friends can also help to boost your chances of tagging the trophy whitetail deer that you’ve dreamed of.

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