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Eight Point Ranch
650 CR 468
Elgin, TX 78621

Bobby Girling
Phone: (512)423-0362
Email: contact@eightpointranch.com

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Eight Point Ranch has Dybowski's Sika Deer for sale and hunts in Texas.  Centrally located just 45 minutes from Austin in Elgin.  Contact 8 Point Ranch today for your next order and delivery and your trophy hunt. Dybowski's deer - Dybowski's Sika Deer - originate from Korea in Asia.  Large deer with powder-puff rump patch.  Reddish body with grayish neck in summer coat, changes in winter to dusty brown in females and dark brown plus neck ruff in males.  Vague doral stripe.  In summer, subdued white spots extend onto the neck and tend to merge into rows low on the sides.  Can be faint traces of spots on winter coat.  Fawns mahogany with bright white spots that fade with maturity.  Males grow tall, strong antlers.  Typically 4 points on each side, sometimes 5 points and exceptionally 6 (usually at the top, which may then show webbing).  Antler lengths start at about 24 in. and can reach 28 to 36 1/4 in.  Shed velvet in late August to September.  Drop antlers late February to March or early April.  Male 150 to 240 lbs or more.  Female about 110 lbs. Food habits - Browsers, but very adaptable.  May be able to shift dependence to grass depending on condition of the forage.  Forbs heavily used where available. Habitat - Native to broad-leaved and mixed forests, especially in hilly to mountainous terrain.  Native forests often closed, dark, and damp.  Prefer large forests with dense understory and occasional clearings. Water and climate - Drink from ponds, and may wade in when hot.  Wallow in mud.  Tolerate wide temperature range.  Accumulate enough fat to insulate against cold.  Can tolerate thin accumulations of snow. Temperament and compatibility - Noisy. Bold. Intolerant of rivals. Somewhat less aggressive than Japanese sika.  Groups small in keeping with their closed habitat.  Generally compatible except would be likely to fight seriously with red deer or American Elk.  Breeding season - September to mid-November Birth Season - May to July (peak in June) Sexual mature - Male 16 to 18 months, Female 16 months Fencing - 7 1/2 ft usually sufficient.