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Dama Gazelle

Eight Point Ranch has Dama Gazelles for sale and Dama Gazelles hunts in Texas. We are located in Central Texas, 45 minutes from Austin, in Elgin Texas. Call Eight Point Ranch and arrange for your delivery of Dama Gazelles to your ranch today. Eight Point Ranch offers some of the finest trophy Dama Gazelle hunting in Texas. Dama Gazelle Facts: Originates from Northern Africa.  Tall, slender gazelle with white crescent across neck below throat.  Body white with roan to chestnut neck and back and often a light saddle.  Sometimes a streak extending onto haunches.  Fawns born tan like other gazelles.  Strongly S-shaped horns in both male and female, those in males thicker than in females.  Adult length 8 to 17 1/4 in. with 14 in. typical.  Male weight 120 to 187 lbs. (typically 138 lbs.); females 88 to 144 lbs. Food habits - Predominantly browsers.  Also take forbs and coarse desert grasses.  Will stand on hind legs to reach tender shoots.  Exotics frequently rear to get ballmoss, consume thistles right down to the ground, feed on iceweed when green, and spend considerable time grazing. Habitat - Dry scrub to desert.  Exotics favor flat to gently rolling openings or light brush.  Water and climate - Fairly resistant in dry heat, although needs more water than some of it's relatives.  Droughts work hardship.  On poor range, even an annual dry season is a strain. Temperament and compatibility - Very flighty.  This fragile gazelle is subject to stress or injury if disturbed in close confinement.  Generally compatible with other exotics.  Often associated with other gazelle species in wild or with blackbuck antelope as exotics. Special considerations - These desert gazelles seem more sensitive to internal parasites than are temperate species.  Stomach worms can be devastating. Breeding season - Breed all year in US.  (possible peaks in March to May and October to November).  Mainly in wettest months (March to June) in the Sahara. Birth season - Births any time in the US.  Peak about December on south fringe of Sahara. Gestation and young per birth - 5 months; 1 young (2 births per year possible) Sexual maturity - Male 17 months; female 13 to 17 months Fencing - 6 ft usually sufficient