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Eight Point Ranch
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Eight Point Ranch has Blesbok for sale and hunting in Texas. We are centrally located just 45 minutes from Austin in Elgin. To arrange your Blesbok hunts in Texas call EPR. Eight Point Ranch offers some of the finest ad most consistent year around Blesbok hunting in Texas. Contact 8 Point Ranch for your next Blesbok order and have your them delivered today.

Blesbok facts:
Originates from Southern Africa. Brown antelope with wide white blaze, usually divided between the eyes. Pale to white on belly extending to tail base but not expanding into a conspicous rump patch. Coat shades to gray on lower sides and haunches. Born tan. Adolescent dark on face instad of white. Well-developed, lyre-shaped, ringed horns in both male and female. male horns slightly thicker than female horns but lengths comparable unless male wear is heavy. Adult lengths 13 1/2 in. up to 20 3/4 in. Male weight 137 to 176 lbs. female weight 121 to 154 lbs.

Food habits - Grazer. May take some forbs. Browse only occasionally.

Habitat - Open grasslands, sometimes with a few small trees or bushes.

Water and climate - Drink morning and evening. Seem to tolerate hear adequately.

Temperament and compatibility - Typically not aggressive toward humans in open range situations. Young strongly motivated to stay with mother. Male territorial during breeding season. Territorial male stands by - or lies on - huge, central dung pile, fights other males, and gathers and courts females as herds pass through is territory. Herd male may kill yearling male if with a confined herd. Sometimes may even kill a neonate. Hybridize with closely related bontebok and produce fertile offspring that resemble bontebok.

Breeding season - September to December assumed for exotics.

Birth season - May to August recorded in US.

Gestation and young per birth - 7 to 8 months; 1 young

Sexual maturity - Male 27 months; female 27 months

Fencing - 6 to 8 ft