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Eight Point Ranch has Barasinghas for sale in Texas. We are located in Central Texas, 45 minutes from Austin, in Elgin Texas. Call Eight Point Ranch and arrange for your delivery of Barasinghas to your ranch today. Eight Point Ranch offers some of the finest trophy Barasingha hunting in Texas. Barasingha Facts: (Swamp deer) Originates from Asia.   Description - Large, yellowish-brown deer often with hair tuft hanging from large ears.  Traces of spots may persist into adulthood (spots clear on coats of fawns). Males grow C-shaped antlers with many points.  Characteristic extra branching of mid tine, although not seen in all males.  Each branch may divide again.  Antlers for well-developed males average 30 to 35 in. long with 10 to 14 points, exceptionally 40 to 42 1/2 in long.  Clean velvet late August or September.  Drop antlers in February.  Male weight 370 to 400 lbs (up to 570 lbs), and males maintain weight during rut; female 300 lbs and up.   Food habits - Live on grass.  Relish grasses when green but eat many stout, course varieties and include much dry grass.  Browse some in Texas (especially from oak).   Habitat - Prefer a sedentary life in meadows with tall grass and water easitly available.  Exotics feed in grassy openings and shelter in oak motts.   Water and climate - Drink at least twice daily during hot season and irregularly the rest of the year.  Wallow extensively during rut.   Temperament and compatibility - Docile.  Serious fights uncommon.  Not given to running in panic.  Very gregarious but few social bonds.  Gernerally compatible with common exotics.   Breeding season - September to December or January   Birth season - May to August   Gestation and young per birth - 8 months; 1 young   Sexual maturity - Male 18 months; female 18 months   Fencing - 6 to 8 ft. usually adequate