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Amazing Facts about the Elk


The majestical elk is one of the largest species in the deer family said to be a subspecies of the European red deer. While once endangered, across North America, conservationists have been able to protect the elk and its habitat restoring the population to over one million. Large in size and beautiful to the eye, the elk is one of the most coveted exotics for hunting enthusiasts. Mesmerized by the sight of an elk, many hunters do not know some of the most surprising facts regarding this beautiful creature.

Elk are fast

Elk are very fast creatures given their size. In fact,  elk can out run horses in short distance races. Elk can reach up to a maximum speed of 45 miles per hour compared to the average horse who can hit a rate of 29 miles per hour according to Outdoor Hub. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the fastest race speed ever recorded for a horse was by a horse named “Winning Brew” with a speed of just under 44 miles per hour.

Elk use their body to communicate

If you are a fan of the Elk then you have no doubt heard the bugling that resonates from within them. The bugling of an Elk is loud and can resonate for miles. It is very hard to miss. However, a lesser known way that Elk communicate is with their feet.

According to the Director of Science and Planning at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation or RMEF, Tom Toman, Elk have an interesting way of communicating with their feet. “They have bones in their ankles that make a little cracking or popping noise when they walk, so they know if there’s another elk walking up on them or something else.” For Elk this is a great way to ensure that they are safe and protected and not being scouted by other unfriendly mammals.

Elk was the meat of choice for explorers Lewis and Clark

At some point in your life you learned of the exploration of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. You heard of their encounter with Sacagawea and their discoveries, but I bet you didn’t hear how they used Elk to live. During their exploration, Lewis, Clark and their crew members dined on Elk to survive during their voyage. According to records from the National Park Service, on the journey the voyagers ate at least one elk per day because hunting was more efficient for food than fishing would have been.

Elk antlers grow more than an inch per day

During the summer months Elk antlers grow at an impressive rate.  The antler growth for an Elk depends on the size of the antlers and how much sunlight the Elk receives. Sunlight affects the antlers by elevating the amount of testosterone in the bull. Depending on these factors an Elk’s set of antler can grow more than an inch during the sunny summer months. In some cases antlers can end up weighing over 40 pounds, a highly impressive weight for antlers.

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